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API 6D Ball Valve

API 6D Ball Valve

* Size : 10''
* Pressure : Class 1500
* Flange ends, raised face
* Operation : Manual gear box
* Torque : 14000/N.m

Product Details

API 6D Ball Valve

Product Features:

* Size : 10''

* Pressure : Class 1500

* Flange ends, raised face

* Operation : Manual gear box

* Torque : 14000/N.m

* Face to face length : 991mm

* Trunnion mounted , full port, three piece body construct

* FS design, anti-static device, blowout proof stem

* Seal Structure : DBB ( double block and bleed function ), soft seal

* Application : pipeline valve application

* Finishing painting color according to request with color gray

* Suitable Temperature and Pressure : -29°C ~ 150°C @ 3600 PSI

* Material : body carbon steel A105, Trim SS316, seat SS316+DEVLON

* Standard : Design and manufacture API6D, face to face dimension ANSI B16.10, end flanges dimension ANSI B16.5, test & inspection as API 6D

*Origin : Wenzhou city , China mainland.

*Packing international standard plywooden case

*EN 10204-3.1 certificate shall be provided along with valves

ZFV API 6D trunnion mounted ball valve have delow design :

1)DBB ( double block and bleed ) design :

The drain and venting device releases the sensor material within the central cavity of the valve body when the ball is in the fully open or closed position. In addition, the overload pressure in the central chamber of the valve can be released to the low pressure side through the dump.

2)Emergency sealing design :

The API 6D Ball Valve is designed with a composite injection hole that is mounted on the stem/bonnet and seat or side cover support. This compound can be used for a second seal when the stem or seat seal is damaged and causes a leak. A hidden check valve is mounted on the side of each composite injection valve to prevent compounds from flowing out due to the action of the transmitter material. The top of the compound injection valve is the connector for quick connection to the compound gun.

3)Autamatic body cavity relief design :

When the valve body pressure of the API 6D Ball Valve rises abnormally and becomes unstable, the valve seat downstream of the trunnion will be pushed by the abnormal pressure, and then the pressure will be automatically released without damaging the seal of the upstream seat. Abnormal pressure in the float valve body directly releases pressure into the upstream pipe without damaging the seal of the downstream seat.

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