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Concentric Butterfly Valve

The structural feature of the concentric butterfly valve is the stem center, the center of the disc, and the center of the valve body at the same position. Concentric butterfly valves are not conventional in terms of structural or operational requirements and are not classified as conventional products. The seat of the concentric butterfly valve is basically made of an elastic material such as rubber or polytetrafluoroethylene, so that problems such as extrusion and scratching can be overcome.
The concentric butterfly valve and the upper and lower valve shafts are connected by a special-shaped hole and a special-shaped shaft. During the opening and closing process of the butterfly plate, the function of the pin-free connection of the upper and lower left and right sides of the butterfly plate is realized, and the interference area between the butterfly plate and the valve seat is reduced. , which greatly reduces the torque. An anti-butter plate over-stop is provided in the inner cavity of the valve body to ensure that the disc is not in place when it is closed.
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