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Bronze Butterfly Valve

Bronze Butterfly Valve

* 6Inch Size
* Class 150LB
* Full LUG end
* Bare shaft without actuator
* 180/N.M Operation Torque

Product Details

ZFV bronze butterfly valve.

Products features :

* Size: 6Inch 

* Class 150LB

* Full LUG end

* Bare shaft without actuator

* 180/N.M Operation Torque

* Tight sealing type

* Sea water application

* Epoxy finishing painting

* Suitable pressure less than 16Bar

* Material : body bronze A148 C95800, Seat rubber EPDM , shaft Monel

* Design and manufacture API 609

* Origin : China Mainland

The Bronze Butterfly Valve is designed so that the stem and disc concentricity are on the same line and perpendicular to the valve body. The valve body adopts a split type, and the sealing at both ends of the valve shaft is controlled by the fluorine-based rubber on the rotating base between the valve disc and the valve seat to ensure that the valve shaft does not contact the fluid medium in the pipeline. Copper alloy valves are especially suitable for medium seawater and brine, and are usually used for medium and low pressures.

The Bronze Butterfly Valve is a two-way sealing valve. Due to the design differences between the two valves, one-way and two-way. Valve installation is also different.

- The check valve has an arrow mark. When the valve is installed in the pipe, the direction of the arrow should conform to the flow direction.

- The two-way valve can be mounted in any direction on the pipe.

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