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PTFE Seated Butterfly Valve

PTFE Seated Butterfly Valve

* 6Inch Size
* Class 150LB Pressure Rate
* Fully LUG End
* Lever manual operation
* 340/N.M Operation Torque
* 56MM face - face length

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PTFE Seated Butterfly Valve is designed to meet the needs of many corrosive environments with strong acid and alkali, petroleum, chemical, food and other special fields. It uses a valve body made of Teflon and has a strong anti-corrosion effect. It can replace stainless steel valve body under normal conditions and has higher cost performance. The butterfly valve's disc is mounted in the diameter direction of the pipe. In the cylindrical passage of the butterfly valve body, the disc-shaped disc rotates around the axis, and the rotation angle is between 0° and 90°. When the rotation is 90°, the valve is fully open.

Products features :

* 6Inch Size

* Class 150LB Pressure Rate

* Fully LUG End

* Lever manual operation

* 340/N.M Operation Torque

* 56MM face - face length

* Tight shut off, concentric type butterfly valve

* For chemical, corrosive service usage

* Light Blue finishing painting, RAL5011

* Epoxy finishing painting as per request

* Suitable Temperature -29°C ~ 120°C

* Suitable pressure not higher than 16Bar

* For Shutoff Function

* Material : body material ductile iron, disc ASTM A351 CF8M, seat PTFE

* Design and manufacture API 609

* Origin : China Mainland

* HS code : 8481804090

* EN 10204-3.1 certificate : Yes


PTFE Seated Butterfly Valve has strong function, small size, light weight, reliable performance, simple matching, large circulation capacity, especially suitable for occasions where the medium is viscous, containing particles and fiber.

There are different types of fluoroplastics in the valve manufacturing as sealing materials. Below we list some:


PTFE Seated Butterfly Valve has high impact strength, but tensile strength, wear resistance and creep resistance are worse than other engineering plastics. Glass fiber, bronze, carbon and graphite are sometimes added to improve their special mechanical properties.

2. PFA

PFA is a soluble polytetrafluoroethylene. PFA is a modified polytetrafluoroethylene with a temperature of 260 ° C. The perfluoroalkoxy resin PFA resin is a relatively new melt processable fluoroplastic. PFA has a melting point of about 580 °F and a density of 2.13 - (g/cm3)


PCTFE is inert to most active chemicals at room temperature and can be dissolved by several solvents above 212T or with certain solvents, especially chlorinated solvents. PCTFE has excellent gas barrier properties, and the moisture permeability of its film products is low in all transparent plastic films.

4. Nylon

Its most outstanding advantage is that its wear resistance is superior to other fibers, followed by good elasticity. This material can therefore be used for valve lining materials and valve sealing materials. Use nylon at temperatures below 100 degrees Celsius.

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