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API 609 Double Offset Butterfly Valve

API 609 Double Offset Butterfly Valve

ZFV Design standard :API 609, DIN2559, EN593, JIS, GOST

Product Details

ZFV Lever wafer double offset butterfly valve.

ZFV Design standard :API 609, DIN2559, EN593, JIS, GOST

Product range :

1. Pressure rate Class 150LB

2. Size 6inch ( DN150 )

3. Material Body stainless steel ASTM A351 CF8, disc ASTM A351 CF8, seat sealing PTFE

4. Wafer ends

5. Operation handle lever

6. Face to face API 609/ISO

7. Test and inspection API598/ISO 5208

ZFV Product features:

1. Good sealing performance,corrosion resistance,high pressure and temperature resistance, smart control and safe use.

2. Simple structure, small volume and light weight, and it is easy to install and adjust.

3. Low emission packing can be chosen according to ISO 15848 requirement

4. The elastic seal is produced by the torque.

5. The disc design makes the valve close more and more tightly by automatic sealing function, and there’s compensation and zero leakage between the sealing surfaces.

6. Stem extended design is available

7. Lockable handle lever.

Double offset butterfly valve design in this way, first offset design is that seat sealing contour from valve body center contour; the second offset design is the offset of shaft of the disc from valve body center. The disc traveling tendency is minimized and seal becomes not jammed.

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