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API 609 Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

* Size : 44''
* Pressure rate: ANSI 150LB
* Type : Double LUG Ends
* Operation : Gear O.P.
* Torque : 36100 N.m
* Valve Structure : Triple Offest

Product Details

Product Introduction

Valves are rarely noticed by ordinary people, but they play an important role in our quality of life. Every time you turn on the tap, use your dishwasher, open a gas stove or step on the accelerator of a car, you need to operate the valve. Without modern valve systems, there would be no fresh, pure water or automatic heating in your home. 

By definition, valves are devices that control fluid flow. Valves today can not only control flow, but also monitor the flow, volume, pressure or direction of liquids, gases, slurries or dry materials through pipes, chutes or similar channels.          

API 609 Triple Offset Butterfly Valves are one of the most basic and indispensable components of modern technological society. It is essential for almost all manufacturing processes and for every energy production and supply system.

ZFV API 609 triple offset butterfly valve. The valve is LUG ends triple offset butterfly valve

* Size : 44''

* Pressure rate: ANSI 150LB

* Type : Double LUG Ends

* Operation : Gear O.P.

* Torque : 36100 N.m

* Valve Structure : Triple Offest

* Disc Seal Type: SS316 + Graphite

* Painting RAL Number: RAL 9004

* Suitable Temperature : -29°C ~ 275°C

* Suitable service : W.O.G.

* F to F length : 300 mm (According to customer requirements)

* Design features:Blow-outproof valve stem

* Body material A216 WCB,

* Disc material A216 WCB,

* Seal material SS316+graphite.

* Shaft:AISI 420

* Origin : WenZhou city ,CHINA

* Design and manufacture API 609

* Face to face dimension API 609

* End flanges dimension ANSI ASME B16.47 Serial A

* Test & inspection as API 598

Product Details

The worm gear of our API 609 Triple Offset Butterfly Valve is high quality stardard export type.It has large output torque to open and close valve more conveniently.The gears are waterproof to ensure the valve is safe to use.

ZFV butterfly valve is strictly tested as per API598, shell hydro tested by 3.0Mpa, seat sealing hydro tested by 2.2Mpa, low pressure air tested by 0.6Mpa, testing result 0 leakage .

The coating color of valve is as per customer’s requirement, with special epoxy painting.For the ZFV painting film thickness to non-processing surface of the valve, our company shall carry out as per request. If no detail requirement for this, we will process as per company standard : the prime layer dry file thickness is 30um , the second layer dry file thickness is 20um , the final layer dry file thickness 25um, total 75um.

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Laser cladding on the sealing surface of API 609 Triple Offset Butterfly Valve parts has good machinability. In terms of quality, crack-free, pore-free and slag-free defects can be obtained, and a reliable metallurgical bonding layer can be formed with the matrix. The melting layer has fine structure, high strength, toughness and hardness. It can also be processed complex surfaces with a thickness of 2 mm. According to the comparison of the data, the grain size of the melt layer is 2 to 3 grades higher than that of plasma spray welding and flame surfacing respectively, and the uniformity of hardness distribution is also improved accordingly.

Introduction of the butterfly valve

The name of butterfly valve comes from the butterfly plate of wing structure, which is installed in the diameter direction of pipeline. In the cylindrical passage of the butterfly valve body, the disc butterfly plate rotates around the axis and only needs 90 degrees to open and close the valve. The butterfly valve has simple structure, small volume and light weight. It consists of only a few parts. Moreover, it can be switched on and off quickly with only 90 degrees rotation, and the operation is simple. The valve has good fluid control characteristics.            

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