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High Temperature Butterfly Valve

High Temperature Butterfly Valve

* Size : 14''
* Pressure rate: ANSI 300LB
* Type : Double flange Ends
* Operation : Gear O.P.
* Torque : 8200N.m
* Valve Structure : Triple Offest
* F to F length : 190 mm

Product Details

Product Introduction

High Temperature Butterfly Valve can be widely used in high temperature gas pipelines in metallurgy, building materials, chemical, power station, glass and other industries. As a high-temperature gas medium flow regulating or cutting device, high temperature butterfly valve can be used with various actuators. Performance equipment.

The high temperature butterfly valve body is welded by steel plate and forging flange. The valve stem is an integral forging structure supported by an outer bearing seat and driven by a two-end pin connection to rotate the valve flap. The two semicircular valve seats are staggered back and forth, symmetrically distributed with the valve flap, and combined with the symmetrical streamlined valve flap, the valve has good circulation performance. Three sets of packing seals, plus sealant and purge two auxiliary seals form a high reliability stem packing seal system.

Basic Information

* Size : 14''

* Pressure rate: ANSI 300LB

* Type : Double flange Ends

* Operation : Gear O.P.

* Torque : 8200N.m

* Valve Structure : Triple Offest

* F to F length : 190 mm

* Disc Seal Type: SS316+STL

* Painting RAL Number: RAL 9004 , painting color blue

* Suitable Temperature : 550°C,  Application for power plant

* Design features:Blow-outproof valve stem

* Body material A217 WC9+STL

* Disc material A217 WC9

* Seal material SS316+STL

* Shaft:17-4 PH

* Origin : WenZhou city ,CHINA

* Design and manufacture API 609

* Face to face dimension API 609

* End flanges dimension ANSI ASME B16.47 Serial A

* Test & inspection as API 598

Product Characteristics

1.High Temperature Butterfly Valve uses a pressure self-tightening sealing structure. The higher the internal cavity pressure, the better the sealing performance. The two ends of the branch pipe are welded and connected to meet different connection requirements.

2. The sealing surface of the gate and the valve seat is made of Stellite cobalt-based hard alloy, and the movement seal has high hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good scratch resistance and long service life.

3. The valve stem is quenched and tempered and surface nitrided, which has good corrosion resistance and scratch resistance.

4. The opening and closing of the electric valve is controlled by the electric device. The electric device is equipped with a special motor, a speed reducer, a torque control mechanism, a field operating mechanism, a hand and an electric switching mechanism. In addition to local operations, remote operation is also possible.


Suitable using temperature

Soft-sealed butterfly valves are suitable for hot and cold water systems with temperature 100 C. The maximum service temperature of the sealing ring of the soft-sealed butterfly valve (all kinds of commonly used rubber and PTFE):

 NBR < 80 C, EPDM < 120 C, PTFE < 150 C.            

The maximum service temperature in acid-base medium is:            

1. Chloroprene rubber: nitric acid (10%) 29 ~C; citric acid 29 ~C; sodium hydroxide 93 ~C.            

2. Butyl rubber: sulfuric acid (50%) 66 C; nitric acid (10%) 40 C; NaOH 85 C.            

3. F4: sulfuric acid (0-100%) 180 C; nitric acid (0-100%) 180 C; sodium hydroxide 180 C.


If the system requires a higher temperature, the metal sealed butterfly valve can be used. There are two types metal seated , the one is sealing seat graphite and graphite laminated, the other one is metal to metal sealing.The high temperature butterfly valve body with lined disc and seat is made of duplex stainless steel or other alloy steel which suitable for high temperature, the sealing surface overlay wear resistanced material, and the shaft is made of heat-resistant stainless steel. High temperature butterfly valve has good performance of high strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. 

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