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Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

* Size : 48’’
* Pressure rate: ANSI 150LB
* Type : Flanged ends
* Operation : Bare Shaft
* Torque : 37500 N.m
* F to F length : 470 mm

Product Details


The Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve is designed to withstand pressures up to 2500 lbs, temperature resistance down to -196 °C, up to 700 °C, seals up to 0 leakage, and control ratios up to 100:1. That is to say, in all kinds of harsh and critical process control pipelines, whether it is an on-off valve or a control valve, as long as the selection is right, the disc valve can be safely used now, and the cost is low.

The three eccentric butterfly valve is transformed, the center line is eccentric, reducing or even eliminating the friction at the seat seat, prolonging the service life, and also expanding the working condition of the butterfly valve. High temperature, medium and low pressure can also be used. The Valve can be used in power plants, chemical plants, water plants, etc.

Starting from the shape characteristics of the sealing surface of the triple eccentric butterfly valve, Tritec's sealing sub-fixing method adopts the bolt-shaped elliptical distribution to fix, not only the positioning is accurate, but also makes each bolt balance the force and eliminates the uneven distribution of stress. The sealing pair is loose and leaks.

Product Details:

* Size : 48’’

* Pressure rate: ANSI 150LB

* Type : Flanged ends

* Operation : Bare Shaft

* Torque : 37500 N.m

* F to F length : 470 mm

* Valve Structure : Triple Offest

* Disc Seal Type: SS316 + Graphite

* Painting RAL Number: RAL9006

* Suitable Temperature : -29°C ~ 275°C

* Suitable service : Water,Oil and Gas

* Provide Matching Flanges and bolts : Availale

* Function : Shutoff

* Material : Body: A216 WCB, disc A351 CF8, seal ring SS316+ Graphite, stem F316.

Standard: design and manufacture API 609, face to face dimension API 609, end flanges dimension ANSI B16.5, test & inspection as API 598

Product Features

1. The Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve has three offsets. Two are placed in a similar position to the double-biased butterfly valve, and the third offset is the geometry of the seat surface, forming a tapered shape of the disk and seat. This taper angle and the two eccentric shaft offsets allow the disc to seal the seat without friction.

2. This Valve's seat design allows for a uniform seal for tight closure of the metal seat design. This design is a lower cost and lower torque option than other types of metal seat valves.

3. Triple offset is commonly used in applications like gate valves where a metal seat is required and requires close closure and/or quarter turn actuation.

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