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Application of the valve selection
- Nov 02, 2017 -

1) angle cut-off valve; in the angle-type valve, the fluid only need to change the direction, so that the pressure drop through the valve than the conventional structure of the cut-off valve.

2) DC-type shut-off valve; in the DC or Y-shaped valve, the valve body flow path and the main channel into a slash, so that the flow of the degree of damage than the conventional cut-off valve is small, and thus through the valve pressure loss The small.

3) plunger stop valve: This form of cut-off valve is a conventional cut-off valve variant. In the valve, the valve and valve seat is usually based on the principle of the design of the plunger. The disc is polished and the plunger is connected to the stem, and the seal is achieved by two elastic seals mounted on the plunger.