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PN25 DN800 Di-directional Triple Offset Butterfly Valve
- Oct 09, 2018 -

Zhejiang zhengfeng valve company finished bi-directional triple offset butterfly valve, BW end with gear box operated, material carbon steel , the diameter of valve is DN800, pressure rate PN25 . 


What is "bi-directional" butterfly valve ? as we know , the general triple offset butterfly valve is uni-directional sealing type, this kind butterfly valve is a one-way seal and can only withstand the pressure from one side. When the valve is closed and the other side is under pressure, the one-way sealing butterfly valve will leak without tight sealing. 

But the bi-dirctional sealing butterfly valve can achieve the purpose of sealing. In particular, the bi-directional  sealing butterfly valve produced by our company can achieve 1:1 zero leakage in forward and reverse sealing pressure. In other words, as long as the medium comes from any direction, the bi-directional sealing butterfly valve produced can achieve sealing with zero leakage. 


The following is the classification of the bi-directional sealing butterfly valve produced by our company:
According to the connection method: include wafer butterfly valve, flange butterfly valve, lug butterfly valve, butt welding butterfly valve, etc.
According to the operation mode: include manual worm wheel butterfly valve, pneumatic butterfly valve, electric butterfly valve, hydraulic butterfly valve, etc.
According to the material: mainly cast steel WCB, forged steel A105, stainless steel CF8, CF8M, WC6, etc.


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