Low Temperature Wafer Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Low Temperature Wafer Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

ZFV Low temperature Wafer triple offset butterfly valve. Valve shown in photo include DN200, DN100, DN80. pressure rate PN16. valve design and manufacture by EN593/DIN standard. Material stainless steel. This kind of valve is applicable to the medium temperature -40 ℃ ~ -196 ℃. such as ethylene,...

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ZFV Low temperature Wafer triple offset butterfly valve. This kind of valve is applicable to the medium temperature -40 ℃ ~ -196 ℃. such as ethylene, liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum products, which is not only flammable and explosive, but also in the heating to gasification, gasification, the volume expansion hundreds of times. 

Valve material is very important, if the material is failure and not proper, will cause the shell and sealing surface leakage ; parts of the comprehensive mechanical properties, strength and steel can not meet the requirements of use or even fracture. causing liquefied natural gas media leakage , which mean may the big explosion. 


* Size : DN200,DN100,DN80

* Pressure Rate: PN16

* Connection Type : Wafer ends 

* Operation : Gear box with handwheel

* Face to face length : DN200:71mm; DN100:56mm; DN80:49mm.

* Valve Structure : Triple offset

* Seal Structure : Laminated stainless steel + graphite

* Application : Industrial 

* Need Extended Stem : No

* Suitable Temperature : -196°C ~ 200°C

* Suitale Pressure : PN<1.6Mpa

* Provide Matching Flanges and bolts : Availale

* Function : Shutoff

* Material : body material ASTM A351 CF8M 

                   disc material ASTM A351 CF8M 

                   seal material laminated SS316+graphite.

                   stem material A182 F316

* Standard : Design and manufacture EN593

* Origin : China Mainland.

* EN 10204-3.1 certificate provided


ZFV triple offset butterfly valve products features :

1. Top flange/Yoke produced according to ISO5211, which is convenient for customer to install worm gear box, electric     & pneumatic actuator. ZFV also produce top flange according to customer´s requirement.

2. Upper stem blowout proof design

3. Low leakage packing, use advanced wire braided graphite packing material as top and bottom layer packing, the low leakage packing material is in middle layer, which assure that Max. Leakage rate 20PPM in emision testing.


4.Multilayer sealing pairs design: sealng pairs is laminated with graphite and stainless steel plate, this elastic deformation of the sealing ring ensure reallization of the zero leakage, the sealing ring is replaceable ensure easy mainternance .

5.Valve seat hardfaced alloy: entire weld overlay hardfaced seat extend valve using life and reduce mainternance times and costs.

6.Bottom stem blowout proof design.

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