Alloy Steel Butterfly Valve

Alloy Steel Butterfly Valve

ZFV Monel wafer triple offset butterfly valve. Valve shown in photo is 12inch class 600LB, worm gear operated valve. Material of the valve is a special material Monel stainless steel. Corrosion problem is one of the greatest hazards of chemical equipment, with a little careless, equipment...

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ZFV Alloy steel wafer triple offset butterfly valve.

Corrosion problem  is one of the greatest hazards of chemical equipment, with a little careless, equipment damaged which cause accidents , even lead to disaster . It’s not always right to choose an same austenite stainless steel such as A351 CF8M for all the corrosive-medium. Better to use proper material against different chemical medium.

* 12inch ( DN300 ) 

* ANSI Class 600LB

* Wafer type, clamped between flanges 

* Manual gear operated 

* 5400/N.m Operation torque 

* 270mm face - face length

* Triple offset / three eccentric construct 

* Laminated S.S. plus gra. seal 

* Need not to apply painting on surface of valve

*  -100°C ~ 200°C Suitable Temperature

* Working pressure less than 100Bar 

* For service corrosive  

* For Shutoff function 

* Material : body Monel M35-1 , 

                   disc Monel M35-1 , 

                   seal Stainless Steel plus graphite.

                   stem Monel K-500

* Standard : Design and manufacture API 609

                    Face to face dimension API 609

                    End flanges dimension ANSI B16.5

                    Test & inspection as API 598

* Origin : Wenzhou City China

ZFV production Procedures:

1.Valve Design ( for new type )                               8.Valve Parts Cleaning

2.Valve Casting ( valve forging )                             9.Valve Assembly

3.NDT ( pressure ≥ 600LB or users’ request )    10.Pressure Test(shell,seal,air)

4.Material Heating Treatment                                11.Valve Painting

5.Valve Part cleaning, polishing and blasting      12.Valve Package

6.Mechanical processing                                      13.Put Valve into Stock

7.Precisely processing                                          14.Valve Deliver Out

Manufacturing Procedure.png